We have a team of experienced engineers that are highly skilled in the selection, design and implementation of manifold security technologies. We are capable of assisting your organization in deploying an IDS solution, hardening an existing system and re- engineering your infrastructure.

We provide extensive services in product selection, network re-engineering, performance tuning, installation and configuration, rules and policy development.

Firewall Design and Deployment

We configure and deploy firewalls ranging from small office to enterprise class. We are not influenced by the desire to meet a certain quota or sell a particular product while making our decision.

Protected Architecture Design

We assist in the initial network architecture design and correction in existing network architecture design flaws.

Invasion Detection and Prevention in System Design and Development

We assist organizations in avoiding obstacles that interfere with the organizationability to achieve maximum performance of their investment in IDS and IPS system deployment and configuration.

System Hardening

We create secure build documentation for the new system and harden your existing system to prevent the information security breaches. We close the entire potential avenue for attack by removing excessive permission and disabling unnecessary services and accounts.

Infrastructure Design and Deployment Web Application‘s High Availability

We design and deploy a web infrastructure is highly available that will help your organization to maintain a stable and dependable web presence on which your customer can be dependent. We help organizations provide an uninterrupted service by deploying all the redundant database, servers and applications.

Identity Management Services

We provide businesses with various identity management services such as product configuration and implementation, production selection and deployment of planning.

Logging Solution

We assist organizations in their log management needs with the help of our services such as configuration of elite log management solution, log management of production selection and creation of log retention strategies.

Information Security

We assist organizations in addressing security vulnerability and protecting their information from technological hackers and inquisitive prowlers. We have a team of highly expert professionals who have a mix of risk, business and technology skills that will advise your organization in various situations.

Data Privacy and Protection

We assist organizations in data privacy and protection by effective managing the business risk and compliance issues. We also help developing a privacy framework, privacy and security risk assessment, privacy impact assessment and complying cross border data requirement.