A Network Architecture Review is a review and analysis of relevant network artifacts (e.g. network diagrams, security requirements, technology inventory, DMZ ) to identify how the network architecture and controls protect critical assets, sensitive data stores and business-critical interconnections in accordance with the organization’s business and security objectives.

The predominant benefits realized by a Network Architecture Review are:

  • Provides a high-level of design assurance by looking at the network and related security controls in a comprehensive and holistic manner;
  • Findings can be used to identify other necessary assurance activities and to optimally focus downstream activities on relevant issues/targets for large scale enterprise level applications; and,
  • Allows an entity to identify and address network security deficiencies that may negatively impact the security of the systems, databases, and applications that are dependent upon the network.

We review and analyze network artifacts such as security requirement, network diagram, DMZ and technology inventory. We analyze the way network architecture and controls preserve critical data, business critical interconnection and sensitive data stores with respect to organization’s security and business objective.

Our team, by analyzing network security controls in a complete and holistic manner, provides high level design assurance. We identify and address network security deficits that can negatively impact the security of the system, application dependent on the network and network database. We focus downstream activities on pertinent issues and targets and identify all the necessary assurance movement.