We go end-to-end encryption services which will encrypt your data on your device, send it off, and decrypt it when it arrives. This leaves no middle man to hold onto the data and possibly pass it along to a snooping entity. We provide a robust and stable solution. Secured Communication is an encrypted communications for mobile devices, desktop and email. We provide high level AES-256 bit encryption with no logging and backdoors.

Features include:

  • Exclusive extension number series only for your organization/people
  • Closed User group calling-Exclusive feature to certain extension where they can reach out to other extensions but only whitelisted extensions can reach them.
  • End to end encrypted calls
  • 24×7 monitoring for preventing any hacking attempt
  • Infrastructure in HA mode so a guaranteed uptime.
  • Application compatible with all versions of Android, iOS on cellphones and Tablets
  • No record or data stored on the servers