It is the need of the hour for organizations who consider the ‘Data’ or ‘Information’ as their most important asset. The constant evolving threats have posed a great fear for organizations from hackers & crackers.

A single incident of a comprised network can be disastrous, from compromised customer personal data to destruction of critical infrastructure systems and information. These types of incidents have left many companies with economic liabilities due to lost consumer confidence and costly disaster recovery processes. These services provide insights into revealing application or operating system weaknesses as well as mitigation methods to protect your company’s internal systems.

Penetration testing and system security evaluation are used to satisfy the compliance and auditing federal and state regulations.

In order to mitigate the risks and perform tests as per the best industry practices we follow a very rigorous methodology to uncover all the loopholes that may exist in the system.

Network VAPT

The Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration testing is an exhaustive exercise and covers all type of servers, desktops, switches, routers, IDS, IPS, Firewall etc.

External Testing

  • Conducted remotely over the internet.
  • Access control verification and firewall’s integrity evaluation.
  • Vulnerability identification and its mapping.
  • Reporting of identified weakness and formulation of recommendations for remediation.
  • Non-intrusive and should never affect services availability.

Internal Testing

  • Conducted internally over the LAN.
  • Vulnerability identification for all systems.
  • Reporting of identified weakness and formulation of recommendations for remediate tests are non-intrusive and should never affect services availability.

Website VAPT

Our Application Security Testing is the most comprehensive service for Vulnerability Assessment of the Applications/ Sites hosted at both Intranet and Internet level. Proprietary and third party tools are used for auditing.

  • Audit tool knowledge bank and retrieval database in sync with the latest CVE globally updated 24×7
  • Vulnerability Testing based on manual testing and selected proprietary open source / proprietary and third party tools.
  • Comprehensive Reporting and Patching suggestions
  • Interactive module for reporting false positives

The advantages for the same are:

  • Accurate and up-to-date vulnerability knowledge base that helps in technical risk assessment as per international standards such as OWASP, SANS top 20, ISO27001 etc.
  • Mitigation of technical risks
  • Comprehensive and easy to user report for management as well as technical team
  • Closing all window of opportunity for intruders

Mobile Application

In this modern era, we have seen a tremendous change of technology shift from Desktop to Laptops to Handheld devices. Today is the era of Mobile Phone Applications. Due to this rapid change, the need for eliminating security threats has also risen considerably.

We offer two different types of services under this:

Mobile Application Penetration Test: This test aims at identifying the application vulnerabilities that can be exploited using installed applications on mobile phones. The assessments attempt to detect vulnerabilities and are performed by posing as a registered user as well as an anonymous user. This type of test involves building custom threat profiles in order to discover contextual security vulnerabilities that are specific to the application. The tests are conducted for the realization of the identified threats.

Mobile Application Source Code Review: This test aims at identifying vulnerabilities at the source-code level. The assessments attempt to detect vulnerabilities that are present due to coding or design flaws and other exploitable vulnerabilities posing as a registered user. This type of test also involves building custom threat profiles. It includes the services offered in the above service category.

The exercise stands independent of the Operating System i.e. Windows, iOS, Android, Symbian.

What is the Outcome?

  • The report will benchmark the findings of the assessment with the OWASP Mobile Top 10.
  • Helps you to eliminate threats by raising the threshold for potential intrusions, theft and fraud.
  • Provides you with the confidence that your application is secure.
  • Helps you to reduce your customer’s security concerns regarding your mobile application.
  • Gives stakeholders the confidence that your mobile application meets the highest security standards in Mobile Security.
  • Satisfies the management as well as the external auditors that you have taken the necessary initiatives to safeguard the application against mobile threats.