Over the past few decades, deceitful and misleading IT and financial activities are increasing at a very fast rate resulting in frauds. This not only ruins company’s reputation and outward appearance but also affects company internal integrity. Credible Solutions provides your organization with forensic auditing and information security that will help you to find answers to your technical and financial problems. Our team offers offensive and defensive security deliverable and provides a complete data theft prevention environment.

Cyber Forensics

With our experienced services, we deliver a highly focused and effective fraud prevention facility that is a combination of technology, data analysis, expert risk management and auditing.

We focus on complex forensic technical, auditing and accounting issues. We also deal with many cyber issues from accounting fraud investigation to hacking a terminated employee’s system.

From single case of employee fraud to company-wide investigation, our team is skilled in handling wide range of cyber problems. Our fraud examiners are expert in detection, investigation, prevention and training.

Malware Analysis

Our team analyzes the malware by dichotomizing its different components and studies their behavior on the operating system.

We first dismember different assets of a binary file and then analyze them separately. The binary files are disassembled with the help of an IDA disassembler. The machine code is then transferred to Assembly code so that it can be understood by the humans. Then our malware analyst comprehends the Assembly instructions and gets an idea about what the program is created to perform. Our malware analyst observes and logs the behavior of the malware when it is running on the operating system and then debugs it, hence defeating and sterilizing the system from disassembled malware infections.